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Fully renovated & tenanted turnkey investment properties with positive cashflow and stress-free property management.

Want Passive Income

With Positive Cash Flow?

At Ohio Cashflow we offer turnkey property investment opportunities with the least headaches because the properties are fully renovated and occupied. We also handle all the management for you.

Our high-quality renovations and improvements mean more value for you in the long run with a self sufficient and sustainable investment property.

Here’s our process for your turnkey property investment:

  • We locate a suitable investment property
  • We purchase the property with our money
  • The property gets a complete renovation
  • We search, qualify, and place a tenant
  • You invest in the property
  • We manage the property in-house.
  • You get paid every month

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"I have had a positive experience with Ohio Cashflow over the last three years. I have purchased three properties. The initial setup for someone living in a different country took a lot of study and perseverance to get it all ready to go, but after the first purchase the other two were fairly straightforward. This is a very honest and trustworthy company, the people are pleasant to deal with. Do your homework, expect some vacancies and repairs and if the numbers are what you are after then I recommend this business. I hope they can keep this up for the next 10 years."
Kerry Pardy

Are you ready to invest with the best?

Turnkey real estate investing only works when trust and a relationship can be established between the investor and the turnkey company.

At Ohio Cashflow, we are known to turn down more investors than we take on.

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