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The Ohio Cashflow Way

Ohio Cashflow prides itself on being the most reputable and best-branded turnkey real estate investment company in the country. Our whole business model is based on QUALITY over QUANTITY. Not just from a property offering standpoint, but also with the people we hire and the investors we decide to work with. We are known for turning down more business than we take on and out of hundreds of investor applications we receive, only 20% end up becoming Ohio Cashflow investors.

We genuinely care about you and your end goals so if we don’t see the long-term fit, unfortunately, we won’t be able to work together.

Please keep these two important phrases in mind before filling out our investor application:

1. If you think you know it all, do it all yourself…

Investing in turnkey properties from out of state or country should be a complete hands off and passive investment. We are your local experts on the ground with years of experience and hundreds of deals under our belt. Our entire team lives and breathes the market, week in and week out. Let us do our job and let us make you money. Allow us to be your eyes and ears, heart and soul on the ground. All you have to do is sit back, relax and collect the rent as we look after absolutely every aspect of owning an investment property.

2. If you don’t trust us, don’t invest with us...

Trust is built over time and not over one email, phone call or meeting. We are happy to spend that time in getting to know you and your investment goals more intimately. At Ohio Cashflow we only present who we are, what we do, the properties we offer and the after service we provide. Taking that next step and investing with us is entirely up to you. No one at our company will ever pressure you into making a decision. Once you decide to take the leap of faith, we need you to trust us and not doubt us. If we feel that you don’t fully trust us, we will have no choice but to pull the deal and not proceed with the transaction. Please keep in mind that we don’t need to sell you on FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you need to WANT IT.


Our Team is Here to Care For You

Dominique "The Queen of Ohio Cashflow"' is by far the most integral part of the company. As the co-founder of the company along with Engelo, She looks after the entire operation  & works her butt off behind the scenes. Really, the place would fall apart without her!

Bibi comes from an extensive business management background where she looked after large teams and operations. She is instrumental in the growth of Ohio Cashflow and the heart and soul of its operations.

Billy has an extensive background in construction and sales, has spent time hosting his own construction radio show, and rocks at keeping our properties renovated to perfection.

Sarah is the sweetheart of the office and your first point of contact.

Sandra is the coolest F@#%ing tech and marketing person in the world.

Engelo is the best! But seriously, he proudly & eccentrically wears the colors of Ohio Cashflow. You won't find anyone more passionate about what they do and you can always count on Engelo to put others first. "My mission in life is not about personal gain, it's about leaving a legacy".

Lonna is the most consistent person at Ohio Cashflow. Her hard work and efforts never go unnoticed. 

Also the best F@#%ing tech person, a personal friend of The Dingo, a silent influence on Ohio Cashflow, and someday destined to be President.