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The Dayton Real Estate Market

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About Dayton Real Estate

Since 2014, Dayton also known as the Gem City, has been abuzz with real estate activity. Over a decade later, this trend has only continued to flourish. Throughout this period, Dayton has observed a steady increase in property values. This, coupled with increasing rent growth, boosts the city’s real estate appeal in the eyes of investors.

A key factor to Dayton’s booming real estate market is the presence of housing variability. The city has a diverse array of houses. This wide range of homes available provides an option for every individual’s taste. The city has also been named as “6th best place to live in Ohio in 2023-2024” by the US News.

The city’s median home prices fall below the national average. This affordability is one of the main reasons for the city’s increasing growth and appeal. This has encouraged more individuals and families to flock to the area. It also provides a lucrative opportunity for investors to establish a more diversified portfolio in this thriving economy.

Population Growth

Dayton’s reputation as an affordable and family-friendly city has significantly contributed to its steady population growth. According to Macrotrends 2023 statistics, Dayton’s metropolitan area observed a 0.54% increase in population growth.  Another recent projection shows that Dayton’s is expected to increase throughout 2025.

Consistent population growth translates to increased housing demands. It also strengthens the city’s economy by opening up opportunities for associated services such as renovation and property management. This represents a lucrative opportunity for investors to capitalize on.


People living in the Dayton metropolitan area


Dayton is the 6th most populated city in Ohio


The Gem City is the 4th most populated metropolitan in Ohio


Dayton observed a 0.54% population increase

55 miles

North Dayton is 55 miles away from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Job Market

In 2022, it was reported that the city’s job rate is growing faster than its population. Over a year later, this upward trend has continued. a 2023 ranking has ranked Dayton as the sixth city with the fastest job growth rate.

Dayton also has a fast-growing technology scene and has become a preferred expansion location for many tech giants like Ball Aerospace and Morgan Stanley. The city has also emerged as having a very healthy ecosystem for supporting startup growth. As such, it’s evident that Dayton has a robust economy that supports both job seekers and employers.


Dayton's local employment increased by 3.5% in 2023


Unemployment rate


In August 2023, Dayton metropolitan area generated 1600 new jobs


  • Popular industries in Dayton include manufacturing, information technology, and health care.

  • Largest employers in Dayton include the Kroger Company, the University of Dayton, and Honda of America Manufacturing.

  • In 2023, over 370,000 people were employed in the Dayton metropolitan region.

Real Estate Market

Within the last ten years, Dayton’s real estate landscape has undergone a tremendous shift. From having little to no residential property sales in more than 50% of its neighborhoods to now having a surge in housing sales with increasing frequency. Thanks to this boom, real estate properties in Dayton have been consistently increasing in value. In 2022, Dayton ranked as the 17th city with the best home listing price appreciation rate.


The Gem City placed #22 in the "Cheapest Places to Live" ranking


Dayton ranked as having one of the best list pricing appreciation and house sales growth


Median sale price of a home in Dayton

Strong Renters' Market

Dayton’s remarkable real estate performance has also extended to its rental market. This is primarily due to the exceptional affordability of houses in the Gem City. Currently, Dayton has a median rent of $975, while the national median stands at $2030. This translates to a 52% difference between the median rents, highlighting Dayton’s affordability.

Dayton residents recognize the unique position and advantages of the city’s rental market. More than 50% of households in Dayton rent out at least part of their homes to boost their cash flow. The city’s reputation for being an affordable place to live amidst the national issue of rising mortgages and accommodation fees has only served to increase Dayton’s appeal for buyers and renters.


Annual rental increase


Median rent for a Dayton property


of housing is renter-occupied

Quality of Living

The city has continued to attract more people due to its combination of affordable and diverse housing options coupled with low rent. In addition, Dayton also has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the U.S., offering numerous job opportunities.

The Gem City also has a robust educational landscape. It is home to prestigious institutions such as University of Dayton and the School of Advertising Art.


Population Growth

Dayton’s population has been steadily growing, and it’s projected to have grown by at least 1.3% in 2025. This is a testament to the quality of life the city offers, making it a great place to live, work and raise a family. Additionally, the steadily increasing population growth opens up more prospects for local businesses, especially in the real estate market.



Moving around in Dayton is a seamless task, due to the city’s strategic urban planning. Residents have the option to either drive their cars, ride bikes, or carpool to move around. There are more than 20 bus routes that serve the area. This ensures commuting throughout the region is efficient and convenient.



Dayton ranks as one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S. The median rent in the city is over 50% lower than the national average. Living expenses such as healthcare and groceries are also more affordable in Dayton than many other parts of the U.S. For investors, this means lower operating costs in terms of taxes and maintenance expenses which could result in wider profit margins.



Residents have access to reputable institutions like Wright State University and the University of Dayton. The public schools in the city also have exceptional academic programs. This means that quality education in the region isn’t just accessible but affordable too.