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I’d like to welcome you to this page and congratulate you on taking the next step in buying a turnkey property from Ohio Cashflow.

Look, I’m not gonna lie to you: we don’t work with everybody that signs up and are known to turn down more turnkey investors than we take on. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit and we want to protect everyone's interests as best as we can.

That said, once again: having a chat doesn’t cost you or me anything but a little bit of time. If you are serious about investing in turnkey real estate, fill out the investor application form at the bottom of the page.

Here is our Ohio Cashflow promise:

  • We find you a turnkey property that fits your needs and circumstances, and make sure you start making money immediately.

  • We work, live, and invest in the same areas that you are buying in.

  • We take care of your properties with our in-house property management so you can sit back, relax and collect the rent.

  • Our #1 focus is, and always will be, quality over quantity in everything we do.

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