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The Ohio Cashflow Way

Ohio Cashflow is one of the most reputable and best-branded turnkey real estate investment companies in the country.

QUALITY over QUANTITY is the way Ohio Cashflow works. This includes our properties, the people we hire, and the investors we choose. Only 1 out of 10 applicants become an Ohio Cashflow investor. That’s because we’re serious about making our investors profitable. To do that requires faith on your part so we can do our job successfully.

Our commitment is to find quality properties with a sustainable return on your investment. We simplify the purchasing process by walking with you through every step (especially if you are a first-time investor). Once invested, you’ll start receiving a nice cash flow. Our experienced team manages your property in-house. That means less work for you. You won’t get midnight phone calls about broken water heaters. We take care of any tenant issues, communicating with you quickly and as needed.

Ohio Cashflow Values and Commitment to Quality

We have a solid relationship with our investors because we firmly believe in four core values.

  • Drive
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Caring

Our “Quality over Quantity” approach has served us well in finding properties, tenants, and investors. You’ll find we have a high standard of customer service making you feel relieved and relaxed.

We genuinely care about you and your end goals so if we don’t see the long-term fit, unfortunately, we won’t be able to work together.

Two Reasons Ohio Cashflow Turnkey Property Investment Might Not Be a Match for You

1) If you think you know how to do it all, or need to micromanage the investment process, don’t invest with us.

Investing in turnkey properties from out of state or country should be a complete hands-off and passive investment. We are your local experts on the ground with years of experience and hundreds of deals under our belt. Our entire team lives and breathes the market, week in and week out. Let us do our job, and we’ll make you money. Allow us to be your eyes and ears, heart and soul on the ground. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and collect the rent as we look after absolutely every aspect of owning an investment property.

2) Turnkey investing requires trust. If you’re uncomfortable, don’t invest.

We understand that trust takes the time to earn. We’ll take as much time as you need for you to feel comfortable with us and for us to know you and your investment goals more intimately. At Ohio Cashflow our process is transparent. We openly show you who we are, our process, every detail about the properties and the after service you’ll receive. Taking that next step, “the leap of faith” and investing with us is entirely up to you. No one at our company will ever pressure you into making a decision. 

Please keep in mind that we don’t need to sell you on FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you need to WANT IT.


Our Team is Here to Care For You

Dominique "The Queen of Ohio Cashflow" is by far the most integral part of the company. As the co-founder of the company along with Engelo, She looks after the entire operation & works her butt off behind the scenes. Really, the place would fall apart without her!

Princess of the Cashflow Castle
Skye looks after the happiness and well being of the company and ensures that everyone is kept on track. She works side by side with the Dingo behind the scenes to ensure that everything is maintained and completed in a timely fashion. Keeping your "castle property" cash flowing is hard work and she maintains the mortar for your stones.

Lonna is the most consistent person at Ohio Cashflow. Her hard work and efforts never go unnoticed.

Sandra is the coolest F@#%ing tech and marketing person in the world.

Pete "The Prince of Sales" says that "if you want cashflow, come and get it!"
As a former mentee to the Real Estate Dingo, Pete is your point of contact on all sales inquiries, and due diligence throughout your purchase of turnkey properties.
Make sure to keep Pete a Prince instead of a Frog in order to keep the Dingo happy!

Engelo is the best! But seriously, he proudly & eccentrically wears the colors of Ohio Cashflow. You won't find anyone more passionate about what they do and you can always count on Engelo to put others first. "My mission in life is not about personal gain, it's about leaving a legacy".

This Is Not For Everyone...

If you’re ready for a true hands-off, “we’ll take care of everything for you” approach to real estate investing, we welcome you to fill out our investor application form.


Still not sure about investing in Turnkey? Download two free chapters from Engelo's National Worst Selling Book “The Raw Truth To Success In Real Estate“.

Written for investors looking for a “No Bullshit“ approach to achieving financial freedom through real estate investing.