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Why You Should NEVER Finance, BRRR, or
DIY Out of State Unless You Are Buying Turnkey

Why You Should Never Finance, Brrr, or DIY Out of State Unless You Are Buying Turnkey cover

Discover The Dangers of Remote Real Estate Investment That Could Cost You Everything!

Forget what the “gurus” have told you about making easy money in real estate. This industry’s landscape can be cutthroat.  Without the right information, you’re at risk of losing everything.

What you need is a proven strategy to navigate your real estate journey and safely earn the profits you deserve. That’s precisely what you’ll find in this free guide.

Find out how to avoid common mistakes and minimize the financial risks typically involved with out-of-state turnkey investing.

Don’t put your money at risk! Download your free guide today so you can invest with confidence.

Uncover Real Estate Investment Pitfalls That The Experts Don't Tell You About

Discover the Risks of Being an Out of State Investor

  • Find out why you need to be careful when investing in Toledo’s competitive real estate landscape.
  • Learn how negotiating the price of a Toledo turnkey property incorrectly can cost you big time.
  • Explore the reasons why so many out-of-state investors fail (so you don’t make the same mistakes).

Find Out How to Safeguard Your Finances With a Turnkey Property

  • Learn why turnkey properties are the best options for out-of-state investors.
  • Find out how to remotely invest in Toledo turnkey properties and avoid wasting time and money. 
  • Take control of your remote turnkey property management experience and avoid the typical stressors.

Uncover Bidding War Scams and MLS Listing Risks

  • Learn why you will always lose money when you purchase properties on the MLS.
  • Discover how realtors use bidding wars in order to force investors to overpay.
  • Find out the secrets “investor-friendly realtors” don’t want you to know.

Learn Why You Should NEVER Finance

  • Discover why overleveraging through financing will make you go bankrupt.
  • Learn why the marketing sales gurus aren’t interested in minimizing your financial risks.
  •  Find out how specific types of investments can cost you everything you have!

Find Out Why the DIY Method Doesn't Work

  • Avoid falling into the DIY traps that local contractors set for unsuspecting investors.
  • Learn why a DIY will just eat up your profits.

  • Find out just how much property managers profit off people who invest in a DIY.

Discover Why the BRRR Method Isn't Foolproof

  • Find out how you can lose all financial control with BRRR.
  • Discover what could happen if you invest with BRRR and the market fluctuates.
  • Learn the different factors that can negatively impact your portfolio with the BRRR method.

About Ohio Cashflow

Ohio Cashflow is a leading turnkey real estate provider in Toledo. With over ten years of experience, we’re highly recognized for our commitment to excellence. We’ve perfected the model of passive property ownership with an outstanding track record comprising hundreds of happy clients. Our quality renovations and improvements ensure long-term returns while creating a self-sufficient and sustainable investment property.

Why You Should Never Finance, Brrr, or DIY Out of State Unless You Are Buying Turnkey cover

Don't Be a Victim! Get The Guide That You Need to Succeed in Toledo's Real Estate Market

Real estate investing can be very complicated, especially when you’re trying to do it remotely. From seemingly nice “investor-friendly realtors” to so-called “experts” recommending tons of different strategies. The truth is, they don’t care about what happens to your money or your portfolio.

The only way you can ensure you get into the real estate investment game and make actual profits is to know what to look out for and what pitfalls to avoid. That’s where this free guide comes in.

Inside, you’ll discover the dangerous and hidden truths about remote investing that the industry experts don’t want you to know. Learn how to find your ideal turnkey properties. And uncover potential real estate scams so you’ll have the upper hand when dealing with realtors.

Don’t enter the remote investing world unprepared! Otherwise, you’ll be tossed out of the market as fast as you got in with nothing left in your bank account.

Download your free guide to get the real deal on remote investing and protect your hard-earned money.