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What Is a Turnkey Property? How It’s Used as an Investment

If “passive income” and “real estate investing” are music to your ears, it’s time to learn about turnkey properties. Turnkey rentals allow you to collect monthly cash flow without picking up a hammer or dealing with unruly tenants. They take the sweat and stress out of traditional buy-and-hold strategies. With a turnkey investment, the heavy lifting of finding, renovating, and renting a property is handled for you.

Are Turnkey Rental Properties A Smart Investment?

Have you ever dreamed of owning rental property but felt too overwhelmed to actually make it happen? Most prospective investors have been there. When first considering real estate investing, the idea of buying rental properties for passive income can seem very intriguing. But between finding promising properties, securing financing, overseeing renovations, and learning how to screen tenants, the whole process can appear utterly daunting. And then, there’s the added risk of losing money due to poor choices.